It has been an awesome journey so far. As an inquisitive youngster, I got intrigued by the stock markets and started studying it. Eventually, I got a hold of technical analysis and started trading myself. Going ahead and wanted to share my knowledge with the world which where I published this blog. I wrote and published findings on several stocks, currencies pairs and also about personal finance advice. However, I always had the feeling that I could get a lot better with my analysis. Eventually, I came to b school (one of the best in the country) where I interacted regularly with the best professors, and took courses in valuation, investments, financial management, and corporate finance. I also came across the best books written ever on investing and personal finance. Finally, I could refine my analysis and it is now that I want to share my findings again. This is precisely why I am starting this blog afresh where I will write about my views on personal finance ways to reduce expenses and value stock picks. One of my key learnings at the school has been to evaluate risk and not returns alone.

It is strange to see how investors across the globe try to speculate the markets by predicting stock prices looking at charts and not giving due importance to the evaluation of a company. This shall be one of my key areas of focus along with the application of statistical techniques to valuation and the analysis of stock prices.

Please feel free to share my content and to express your views in the form of comments to my posts. I look forward to an enriching journey in unravelling the art of investing.