3 Super Trade Opportunities on the NSE

We discovered three fantastic trade opportunities on the NSE and here they are. Please note that these are trade opportunities in the FnO segment only. Since short selling opportunities are also considered to be good, only Futures traders will benefit. 

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto

Having closed at 3109.4 the stock price is standing right below a very significant trend line that has its roots in January 2017. We can see from the chart that this line (shown in green) has been a very important resistance level. At this moment, the stock is lying above the H3 Camarilla level of 3102 and below this trend line. Once the trend line is crossed over, it will be a fantastic long opportunity for the short term. 

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is perfectly poised for a short sell. We can see on the chart that prices have closed below 722 (an important support level) and are currently at 709. The Wolfe pattern depicts that the trend is negative; prices have fallen below the 2 - 4 trend line (in yellow) and are in a bearish zone. The scenario is set for a short sell for a target of 673 or lower.


BEML is offering another short sell opportunity after having closed at 1585.95. It has entered the bearish zone after closing below the L3 level at 1626.8 and is likely to drop to 1490 or lower.

If you like what you just read, please feel free to comment below and raise your questions. We will be happy to share updates on these charts and track these opportunities.

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