5 Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

Ever wondered what the impact of a few drops of wasted water could be ? Or what about a bit of wasted food ? We are talking about waste today – how these small bits of waste affect us and how we can help build a better environment.

We will take a close look at 5 common things we waste in our daily lives and attempt to assess the real worth of the waste, and what could possibly happen otherwise. While most of these things go unnoticed, we will see in a short while that a drop of concern from all of us could add up to a lot, both for our own selves and our surroundings as well.

Think Before You Buy

How often have you purchased something off the departmental store stands which you didn't need ? Stores these days are designed in a way so as to lure customers with objects that they do not really need. This concept is helpful in a way since we sometimes tend to forget what we need. But at the same time, we need to be careful. It is for this very reason that some consumables are even stacked at the payment counters – to tease your impulses and get more sales.

The best and the only way is to list out your requirements before you land up at the store. Make a detailed list along with the quantity required and once you are inside, let that list govern you. It is not that a bit of indulging is harmful, but try out this method and save significantly on each of your store visits.

Turning Off Your Engine

Wikipedia states that in the United States, about3.8 billion litres of fuel is consumed by idling heavy-duty truck and locomotive engines each year. That’s a significant amount of waste. So one can imagine how much those idle minutes at the next traffic signal could mean. If all vehicles could stop wasting fuel while idling, the following can be saved/reduced :

  • Fuel cost
  • Pollution
  • Engine depreciation
  • Countless man hours and industrial resources spent in drilling and refining

As a nation, all this could mean a huge saving in terms of resources. So the next time your engine idles, its not only your money that you are wasting – you are wasting everything that brought those drops of fuel to your tank. Time to think !!

Leaking Water Taps

For those who do not pay to use water, it is difficult to realize how much it costs to bring clean water to our homes. Water treatment is expensive and there is scarcity of clean water. If just 10,000 homes with one leaking tap each dripping at 1 drip per minute could be eliminated, we could save 3,600 litres of water everyday !! Time to think again. For many of us, it doesn’t cost money to use water, but imagine the plight of those countless unfortunate people, who have no access to potable water. There are millions of them in a country like ours and its time we cared this much about them.

Do you use RO water filters at home ? Have you ever cared to find out how much water they waste ? And then there is mineral water. Ever wondered how much fuel is consumed just to transport those bottles ? I hope you all know that water stored in plastic bottles is not really safe. So let us not buy health risks for ourselves and buy mineral water only in emergencies. 

Eat Well Feed More

How do you dispose wasted food ? In the garbage bin ? Couldn't that feed a hungry animal ? I mean, we humans are supposed to take care of other living beings. That is one of our sole responsibilities. 

A group of friends were dining at a restaurant and when they finished, they were leaving behind a lot of food. Another guest came up to them and asked, “Why are you wasting so much food ?” One of them replied, “That is none of your business, we paid for it and can do whatever we want with it.” The other person replied, “Though you pay for it, you cannot waste it. The nation’s resources grow this food and no one can waste it. Your money gives you the right to use, not to waste.” When will all of us start thinking on these lines ? 

Light Up a Few Lives

While you read this article on your PC / laptop, just close your eyes and imagine a home where the sun is the only source of light. Yes, it is still true after 67 years of independence. There are countless homes which are yet to be electrified. Now think about all the comforts that electrical power gives you. They have none. And what would happen if we could save a bit ? The power thus saved could lighten up their lives. Switch to solar panels and reduce wastage wherever possible. Watch the world get nicer.

Share your views with us and let us know how you played your part. We love hearing from you.

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