Five Stocks To Buy In April 2013

Here are five stocks traded on The New York Stock Exchange which is a must buy for any investor during April 2013. We are presenting a unique report with probable buy and sell dates for these stocks with other technical triggers that are sure to bring to our valued readers some hard earned profits.

Avalonbay Communities Inc (ABV) : For the last ten years this stock has been bullish during the period 19th April to 25th April. Keeping this cycle in view, we are expecting a similar move this year. With these dates in hand, let us take a look into the technical situation that is persisting on the charts. Wolfe Wave analysis is not offering any resistance nearby as we can see from the diagram and hence the intrinsic bullishness during the said period is likely to be unaffected. 

Avalonbay Communities Inc

There are a few important resistance levels that we must be careful about. The Camarilla pivots for April are  128.42, 130.17 and 133.22 respectively. Each of these levels are strong resistances and the stock should be bought around the 19th of April only if it has closed above 128.42. We shall be putting up our comments with regular updates on this report.

Avalonbay Communities Inc

The Boeing Company (BA) : It is interesting to find that Boeing stocks have been bullish for the last ten years during the period 18th April to 2nd May. Once again, we can expect a similar situation this year keeping in view the cyclic movement that has been taking place each year.

A look into the Wolfe Wave charts reveal that there is no resistance nearby and hence there should be no hindrances in the bullish move of the stock.. 

The Boeing Company

The Camarilla resistance levels for Boeing for April 2013 are 88.78, 91.72 and 97.87. It is evident that the stock is not expected to face any kind of resistance during the bullish move that we are expecting in the recent future.

The Boeing Company

Hence we may look forward to buying Boeing stocks around the 18th of April 2013 once other triggers are in place. Keep watching this post for updates on these reports as the stocks advance towards their predicted buy and sell dates. We shall be putting up our views and comments for a clearer understanding of the moves.

The other three chosen stocks for this month are Snap-On Inc (SNA), GATX Corp (GMT) and The Hershey Company (HSY). All of these will exhibit wonderful trading opportunities this month. 

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