Larsen and Toubro Stock Advice for the Week Ahead

Larsen and Toubro EOD Chart

We all love to make some money off the markets right ? Here is a post that will help you make a profit by trading Larsen and Toubro on the Indian stock markets.

The current upward trend that started on the 21st of November is likely to reverse in the coming week.  Gan reversal dates suggest that the 12th of December is an important reversal date in the recent future and this can have a heavy impact on LT stocks prices. The stock is trading in a weak Camarilla zone and is lying in between the L3 and the H3 levels for the moth which are 1625.58 and 1710.22 respectively. This is a zone where strong movements in the price are unlikely in any direction.

Gann forecasting methods further reveal that other prominent reversal dates are the 19th of December and the 20th of December. All this converges to say that the next week is pretty important in terms of a swing reversal. The reversal however needs to be confirmed by a particular kind of price action where the close of a day lies below the low of a reversal day. Once this confirmation is available, traders may open a short position of Larsen and Toubro futures and expect some profits on their positions. Once opened, the next reversal wil signal a closure of the short position and the opening of yet another long, which can nly be calculated once the downward trend actually begins.

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