The Nifty May Be Headed for a Disaster

With a steady drop from the 5400 levels, the Nifty (National Stock Exchange of India) is likely to shed heavily in the coming few weeks. Our proprietary algorithms and Gann studies depict that the index is within a strong downward channel, which may take as long as two months to reverse.

On the day of Christmas, 2011 it stands at 4714.00 and we are expecting it to shed heavily till February 2012. A bounce from the natural resistance level of 4800 is likely in the next few days. According to our studies, the significant dates on which the downtrend may reverse are given below.

26th December, 2011
2nd January, 2012
17th January, 2012
10th February, 2012
19th March, 2012
26th April, 2012
27th June, 2012

In terms of trading days, the following are the dates that are important.

56, 63, 78, 102, 140, 177, 220, 240 trading days from the 31st of October, 2011. 

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  1. As predicted, Nifty Futures touched a high of 4803.25. Lets be prepared for the fall in the coming days :)

  2. 4650 is an important level. Please keep a watch.

  3. Chitrajodhi RayMarch 27, 2012

    Your 40th day calculation of Nifty drop in the Month of Feb date: 21st was a excellent call. All the best. Carry on the good work.