Intraday Trading Just Got Simpler !!

Free real time charts along with a Gann Square of Nine Calculator just made intraday trading simpler. At MoneyPlanters, we are happy to introduce Intraday Tools for our visitors. We can now cater to the needs of daytraders all over the globe with the most accurate tool ever found.

Features :

Live charts for any forex pair : Simply choose the currencies you want to plot against each other and the corresponding chart will show up.

Commodites : Live charts for major commodities including Gold, Silver and Crude Oil.

Equity : We have included equity charts for some major exchanges worldwide which includes the NYSE and the NASDAQ for USA, NSE for India, Toronto Stock Exchange for Canada, London Stock Exchange for the UK among others. 

Indicators : A user may also choose to overlay exponential and linear moving averages, Relative Strength Index, Stochastics and other studies on the chart to supplement his studies. These indicators will auto update themselves as the chart progresses.

Auto Refresh : Any chart you choose will refresh automatically every one minute.

Gann Calculator : The legendary discovery of the Square of Nine by William Delbert Gann (June 6, 1878 – June 14, 1955), which he used for predicting market moves is now available for our visitors. We have used his methods to develop a calculator which will predict trading levels for the day for any instrument. Be it stocks, futures, commodities, forex or indices. Use our calculator to generate trading levels for your favourite tickers.

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